How do RE/MAX and Judy deliver benefits to you?

In selling your home, you will want every benefit possible.  As a RE/MAX Professional, Judy is committed to accomplishing your goals and negotiating a sale that is hassle free and, above all, most beneficial ― financially and emotionally.


Professional Representation

You consider choices for real estate representation based on reputation and resources, but ultimately you make your selection according to the knowledge, character, and ability of a professional REALTOR.  As a RE/MAX Professional, Judy is a natural choice because you can expect an uncommon level of personal commitment and industry experience, which includes:


Extensive knowledge of the current market


Unlimited networking opportunities


Proven negotiating skills


Access to comprehensive resources and technology

RE/Max Professionals excel because real estate is their chosen profession ― Successfully representing buyers and sellers is what Judy does best.


Marketing Innovation

When it comes to marketing your home, Judy thinks beyond the industry standards.  More than traditional print advertising and a yard sign, your personalized marketing plan takes into account how technology has vastly changed real estate.  Business in an information age brings expanding methods for attracting buyers, as well as unlimited networking opportunities.


The RE/MAX real estate community consists of nearly 60,000 Professionals in 34 countries from El Salvador to Singapore.  On a local level, that means name recognition and a wealth of connections to Professionals who work under the auspices of sales excellence.  When you list your home through Judy and RE/MAX, you can take advantage of these innovations and connections.


A Successful Sale

Once your home sells, Judy looks forward to offering you continued support as your real estate professional of choice.  In fact, much of the business she does comes from referrals and a long list of clients who turn to her again and again.  Her goal is to be your trusted source for real estate information ― someone you know who will always look after your very best real estate interests.


Strategic Pricing

The single most important factor that impacts the sale of your home is more than your asking price.  It's your pricing strategy.  If the objective is to protect the value of your home in ever-changing market conditions and throughout the course of your transaction, then Judy understands the best way to achieve the highest closing price for you.


Taking into consideration all of the relevant information:


Current market


Competing properties


Interest rates


Your motivation

Judy will guide you in determining the best pricing strategy.  By outlining the benefits of competitive pricing versus speculative pricing, for example, Judy can help you understand risks and help you make informed decisions.


Complete Transaction Management

One of the many benefits of information technology is the way Judy and RE/MAX maintain accessibility and accountability throughout the transaction.  You will always have a direct line of communication with her ― and access to up-to-the-minute details of the negotiation.


Judy keeps track of all the details for you.  She works diligently to bring all the pieces together:


Potential buyers


Lenders with a wide array of financing options


Title company


Escrow procedures

while protecting the value of your home.  With the support of RE/MAX resources, she conducts negotiations patiently, confident that she can attain your greatest advantage.


For further information, you can reach Judy by cell phone ―


or via email


Information from a RE/MAX brochure, "Thinking of Selling?"